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Shakespeare in Love Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • It's Sunday, a sunny Sunday.
  • Will says he thought of an ending to the play in his sleep.
  • It's not a comedy, so the lovers won't end up together happily ever after. What could possibly happen to them?
  • Viola sits up with a gasp. Sunday! The day she is to meet to Queen.
  • Wessex is in the halls demanding the nurse to fetch Viola.
  • She has no choice, so she gets dressed to go with Wessex to meet the Queen.
  • Will says he'll go with her, but she says no. Wessex will kill him if he goes.
  • She tells him that, like Romeo and Juliet, they are not meant to be, and she leaves her room to meet Wessex.
  • And Will follows, in a nurse costume, to accompany them to Greenwich for an audience with the queen.

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