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Shakespeare in Love Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • The Queen asks for Viola's presence.
  • When she leaves to meet the Queen, Wessex asks Will, who is in disguise as a laundry woman, if Viola is seeing another man.
  • The very masculine laundry woman says yes, Kit Marlowe, the poet, has been hanging around.
  • Meanwhile, Viola takes her audience with the Queen.
  • "Stand up straight, girl," the Queen says when Viola bows. Charming.
  • The Queen recognizes her as the girl who attends all the plays.
  • "Do you love stories of Kings and Queen?" she asks her. "Or is it courtly love?"
  • Viola and the Queen disagree on poetry, and the rest of the audience gasps at Viola's attitude.
  • The question is this: can a play show people the essence of true love? The Queen says no, Viola says yes.
  • The Queen says she'll believe it when she sees it.
  • Then she sidles up to Wessex and tells him that Viola has been "plucked" since she last saw her, and not by Wessex. Uh-oh.

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