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Shakespeare in Love Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Kit Marlowe pays a visit to Burbage, the actor, with his complete play Massacre in Paris.
  • They conduct a conversation while Burbage conducts intimate relations with Rosaline. She sure gets around.
  • Burbage tries to bargain with Marlowe, saying he bought Romeo from Shakespeare, but Marlowe tells Burbage that Will sold it to Henslowe.
  • Burbage is not happy at that "traitor and thief!" He flings Rosaline off the bed.
  • She is wearing the serpent bangle that Will gave her, and it shatters.
  • Burbage picks it up and finds Will's name written on the little scroll inside. That's a lot of traitoring for one scene.
  • At the theatre, as the actors practice their duel, Burbage and his men march across town and storm into the theatre to confront Shakespeare.
  • It's time for a real duel.
  • Swords are drawn, and men fight.
  • Viola, dressed as Thomas, hides under the stage, and Will joins her. They kiss as Fennyman puts an end to the duel by beaning Burbage in the skull with a prop skull.

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