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Shakespeare in Love Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • At a bawdy pub, prostitutes flirt with Viola, who is still dressed as Thomas.
  • Fennyman gives the actors a toast, and they celebrate with lots of drinking.
  • When Henslowe asks Will how the play ends, Will says he doesn't know.
  • Henslowe says he better find out, or he'll send him back to Stratford to his wife.
  • His wife. Gasp! Viola glares at him and skedaddles from the pub.
  • Before Will can chase her, a man enters the pub and tells them all that Kit Marlowe is dead. Stabbed to death in a tavern.
  • Will feels like he is responsible for Marlowe's death.
  • He staggers into the street and falls into a puddle. "God, forgive me," he whispers to the puddle.
  • Time for a prayer montage. Didn't think a prayer montage was a thing? It is now.

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