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Shakespeare in Love Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Viola and Wessex pass each other on horseback.
  • She is on her way to church.
  • Wessex tells her that a great playwright is dead.
  • Viola thinks he is talking about Shakespeare, and she cries all over her horse.
  • In shock, she stands in church, supported by her nurse.
  • Will, still beaten and dirty from the duel the day before, goes into the church and points with ferocity at Wessex.
  • "Spare me, dear ghost!" he shouts, and runs from the cathedral.
  • Viola is thrilled Will is alive, and she runs to him.
  • He confesses that he is responsible for Marlowe's death, because he told Wessex his name was Marlowe.
  • Will and Viola lie by a river and chat.
  • Speaking of lying, he says it is true that he has a wife.
  • But what should it matter? Viola would never marry him anyway.
  • She says she loves him. "Beyond poetry."
  • He asks her not to marry Wessex, but she says she must, or the Queen will find out. Oh, that meddling Queen.

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