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Shakespeare in Love Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Will explains the end of the play to the actors. You know how it ends.
  • Later, Will presents Viola with a complete copy of the play, which triggers another montage of line reading and lovemaking, often simultaneously.
  • The kid who was supposed to play Ethel, the pirate's daughter, spies on the two of them, and rats them out to Master Tilney, whose job is to censor plays for the public.
  • The next morning, Wessex stomps into the theatre and draws his sword.
  • A duel begins.
  • We'll summarize: Clash! Clang! Swipe! Ting!
  • Will is victorious, stabbing Wessex in the chest.
  • But, uh-oh, it's a prop sword, and it bends like rubber.
  • Will falls off the stage and staggers away.
  • He recovers and manages to disarm Wessex, declaring him the murderer of Kit Marlowe.
  • But Ned Alleyn says Wessex didn't do it. It was simply a fight over the bill, and Marlowe stabbed himself in the eye. What a way to go.
  • Will feels absolved of his guilt.
  • Wessex, leaves, but he demands to Mr. Tilney that the theatre be torn down.
  • He is aghast—aghast—that a woman is performing on the stage. "Lewdness! And unshamedfacedness!"
  • The rat boy drops a mouse onto Thomas, and he shrieks, revealing himself as Viola.
  • Tilney closes the theatre.
  • Viola leaves, and Alleyn rips up the script in Will's face.

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