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Shakespeare in Love Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Shakespeare is writing, but he isn't working on a play, he's practicing writing his own name.
  • Henslowe arrives and pleads for Shakespeare's new play.
  • Shakespeare starts quoting verse to him instead of answering. A man quoting himself is never attractive.
  • He says he needs to find his muse before he can finish it.
  • Henslowe tells him that the whole theatre is in jeopardy (not the Alex Trebek kind), if Shakespeare won't finish his play.
  • But Shakespeare doesn't want to write a comedy, which is what audiences want.
  • Will asks Henslowe for a fifty-dollar loan, which he needs to join the Chamberlain's Men, which is a theatre company.
  • Henslowe doesn't have the money to give Will.
  • As they walk through the streets, they hear a street preacher denouncing the theatre to the public.

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