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Shakespeare in Love Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • In her room, the now-unemployed Viola cries and won't eat.
  • In the tavern, the now-unemployed actors drink and don't eat.
  • Burbage enters the tavern, and he offers his theatre for Shakespeare's play, circumnavigating Tilney's closing of the Rose.
  • Posters are put around town advertising the play.
  • But now they don't have a Romeo. Romeo, Romeo, where art thou?
  • She's getting ready to wed Wessex, that's where Romeo is.
  • After church, Viola finds a flier advertising the play.
  • The nurse distracts Wessex while Viola sneaks away.
  • Will is backstage, dressed to play Romeo, and the play begins.
  • The man playing the narrator as a terrible stutter, but he speaks perfectly when he takes the stage.
  • That's one problem down, but there's another: Juliet's voice has changed.
  • In the balcony, Viola takes a seat. She didn't have time to change out of her fancy clothes, so she really stands out.
  • She overhears Henslowe say there is no Juliet, and she offers to play the role. The show must go on.

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