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Shakespeare in Love Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Kent—who is Viola, a.k.a. Lady Wessex, remember?—enters the theatre to talk to Will.
  • She doesn't want Will to stop writing.
  • She informs him that the Queen commands a comedy for Twelfth Night. What might he write?
  • Viola tells him what the plot should be. It sounds like quite the gender bender, like this movie was.
  • But she doesn't know how it will end.
  • They kiss, and she leaves to join her husband.
  • Will takes his quill and writes again. Twelfth Night Act One.
  • He imagines Viola's ship crashes, and everyone dies except her.
  • "It will be a love story," he says. If you say so, Will.
  • The end.

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