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Shakespeare in Love Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Will whines to his therapist that he has lost his gift.
  • The doctor suggests that Will has been "humbled in the act of love."
  • Will talks about his estranged marriage to Anne Hathaway. (No, not Catwoman.)
  • The doctor prescribes him a snake-shaped bangle, saying if he puts his name inside it, and gives it to a woman, she will fall in love with him. Yes, that's sound medical advice.
  • Will travels to the Palace to talk to Richard Burbage.
  • He wants to sell his still-unwritten play to Burbage for more money than Henslowe will pay.
  • Trumpets sound and the Queen enters.
  • As the actors perform, Will slips his name into the snake bangle.
  • A woman named Rosaline approaches Will and kisses him.
  • He gives her the bangle and asks her to be his muse.
  • A clown takes the stage and performs a series of pratfalls, making the Queen and everyone in attendance laugh.
  • Well, except for Will, who pouts in the back of the room. A pretty blonde woman watches him brood. Pretty blonds love brooding dark-haired men.

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