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Shakespeare in Love Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • At the theatre, Henslowe conducts auditions.
  • Will says he didn't see any of them fitting the role of Romeo.
  • One last actor comes in: Thomas Kent.
  • "Thomas" is actually Viola in men's clothing.
  • She delivers a monologue different than all the other actors.
  • Will wants her to take off her hat. She recognizes him as Master Shakespeare, and she runs away before he can see her without her hat.
  • He chases her through the theatre and the village. She runs fast.
  • She gets into a boat, and Will jumps into another, ordering the rower, "Follow that boat!"
  • A slow-speed boat chase ensues. If you're hoping for fast speedboats and explosions, you're watching the wrong movie.
  • Viola returns home, and Will chases her right into the house.
  • In her bedroom, Viola's snooty mother is wondering where she is.
  • She enters calm and composed in her normal clothes.
  • Will knocks on the door and demands to see Master Thomas Kent, the actor.
  • The nurse says Master Kent is her nephew.
  • Will gives the nurse a note to give to Kent, about the role of Romeo.
  • That evening, Viola reads the notes for the role in her bedroom.
  • Conveniently, her parents are leaving town, which gives Viola the freedom to dress as a boy and take the role of her dreams.
  • Will leaves the estate as Lord Wessex gallops in on a horse.
  • There's a party and Will is going to crash it.

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