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Shakespeare in Love Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • At the party, Will sneaks in to find Thomas Kent.
  • Meanwhile, Wessex is bargaining with Viola's father for her hand in marriageā€¦ and her uterus. "Does she breed?" he asks. Ew.
  • When Viola starts dancing, Will is entranced by her.
  • He joins the dance with the intention of getting closer to her.
  • When he becomes her partner, she sees that it's Master Shakespeare, and she becomes breathless.
  • Then the partners switch, and Viola must join hands with Lord Wessex. She is clearly uninterested in Lord Creepy.
  • She returns to Shakespeare and stops dancing to talk to him. We're surprised no one bumps into them.
  • Wessex pulls Shakespeare from the dance floor and pulls a knife on him, accusing The Bard of coveting his property.
  • Will gives his name as "Christopher Marlowe" and flees the dance. Very sneaky.

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