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The Shawshank Redemption Scene 71-75

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Scene 71-75

Scene 71-75

Scene 71

  • Someone at a newspaper is opening Andy's envelope.

Scene 72

  • Cut to the warden in his office, looking at a headline reading: Corruption, Murder at Shawshank. Yeah, his butt is pretty much toast.
  • Slowly putting the pieces together, Norton flips through the Bible that Andy had him put into his safe the night beforeā€¦and notices there is a rock hammer-shaped hole in the pages. Man, that guy thought of everything.

Scene 73

  • Outside the prison, a cop arrests Captain Hadley, who was obviously also ratted out by Andy. Your tower sniper days are over, sir.
  • Red tells us he heard that Hadley cried like a baby when they took him away.

Scene 74

  • Back in Norton's office, the warden watches Hadley being led away. He locks his door, loads the gun, aims it at the door, then aims it at himself and blows his brains out.

Scene 75

  • A while later, Red gets a blank postcard in the mail. It came from a town right on the Mexican border. Either Andy escaped to Mexico, or the border patrol is really hard up for friends.

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