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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 16-20

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Scenes 16-20

Scenes 16-20

Scene 16

  • Brooks, who is also the prison librarian, is pushing his cart from cell to cell, in case anyone in there is a big reader. Red passes the rock hammer along to Brooks and pays him a pack of cigarettes to complete the delivery. The price used to be only a half-pack, but…inflation.

Scene 17

  • Working in the laundry line, Andy is ordered to head to the stock area to fetch some Hexlite. Which is, of course, just the low-calorie version of regular Hex.

Scene 18

  • While in the stock room, Andy is cornered by Bogs and a couple of his cronies. Andy puts up a fight, but he's no Superman. Prison life just got a little bit tougher.

Scene 19

  • What? We haven't had a montage yet? Well, it's about time. Two years are (quickly) going by, and Bogs' boys are not taking it any easier on Andy.

Scene 20

  • Norton, the warden, announces that the roof of the license-plate factory needs to be resurfaced, and he's looking for volunteers. It's a lot easier getting people to volunteer for things in prison than it is on the outside. It's so boring in there that even manual labor sounds like a rockin' good time. Anything for a change of pace.

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