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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 21-25

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Scenes 21-25

Scenes 21-25

Scene 21

  • Sure enough, over 100 men volunteer for the job. However, since Red knows just who to pay off when he wants something badly enough, he manages to get himself and some of his friends assigned to the project. It's good to be the king.

Scene 22

  • While working on the roof, Andy overhears Captain Hadley discussing a tax matter with his guard buddies that he finds, well, taxing.
  • Andy, who was a talented banker on the outside, decides to insert himself, nearly getting thrown off the roof in the process. He finally does get through to Hadley, who agrees to let Andy prepare the necessary forms for him in exchange for just a few beers for his roof detail friends.
  • We're not sure if Andy ever read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, but he probably could have written it himself.

Scene 23

  • In the prison yard, Andy talks to Red about maybe scoring him some rocks for a chess set he wants to build. Talk turns to what got the two men into Shawshank in the first place, and while Andy maintains his innocence, Red admits he's the "only guilty man in Shawshank." Everybody's innocent, according to their own accounts.

Scene 24

  • Alone in his cell, Andy's working on his chess pieces, then decides to carve his name in the wall with his rock hammer.

Scene 25

  • While the inmates are watching a movie (see—it isn't all bad), Andy asks Red if he can get him Rita Hayworth, the actress in the movie and popular pinup poster star. Red says sure. Although we suspect this isn't exactly a kidnapping plot in the works.

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