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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 26-30

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Scenes 26-30

Scenes 26-30

Scene 26

  • Andy has another run-in with Bogs and his boys, and this time they nearly kill him, sending Andy to the infirmary for an entire month. At least that's one month "sans Bogs."

Scene 27

  • As punishment for his actions, Bogs has to spend a week in "The Hole," which is about as much fun as it sounds.

Scene 28

  • Bogs returns to his cell, only to see that he's got a welcome party. Captain Hadley, who now owes Andy a debt of gratitude for helping him with his tax situation, is none too pleased that Bogs has been beating his helper to a bloody pulp. So he beats Bogs to a bloody pulp. Eye for an eye, right?

Scene 29

  • Bogs gets carted off and taken to a minimum-security hospital, and Red's voice-over tells us that Bogs never walked again.  More importantly, he never bothered Andy again. Moral of the story? Stay in school. Major in accounting.

Scene 30

  • To pay Andy back for getting them those beers, Red and Co. stash away a handful of good-sized rocks they pick up while working in a field. Hey, it's what he wanted. One man's rocks is another man's…something better than rocks.

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