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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 31-35

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Scenes 31-35

Scenes 31-35

Scene 31

  • Red gets in a new shipment of items, including a Rita Hayworth poster for Andy. Ah, well. A 2-D Rita Hayworth is better than nothin'.

Scene 32

  • Andy gets back to his cell after his month-long infirmary stay to find his gift of Rita and a whole bunch o' rocks awaiting him.

Scene 33

  • Norton and Hadley stroll through the cell block to do a little random cell inspection. They "randomly" enter Andy's cell, and the warden seems to take some interest in this particular prisoner. He isn't a fan of the Rita Hayworth poster though. Must be more of a Jayne Mansfield guy.

Scene 34

  • Sure enough, Norton had gotten wind of Andy's financial expertise, and had wanted to size him up. He calls Andy into his office to let him know he's being moved out of the laundry room. Just when he was really getting to know his bleaches.

Scene 35

  • Having been reassigned to the library, Andy meets up with his new supervisor, Brooks. It turns out he hasn't been moved there to help divvy out Danielle Steel novels, however. One of the guards approaches him and asks for help setting up a trust fund.
  • Word of the banking whiz kid has apparently gotten out. Funny the things that make you popular in prison.

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