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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 36-40

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Scenes 36-40

Scenes 36-40

Scene 36

  • In the mess hall, Brooks regales the fellas about Andy's latest exploits, and Andy lets everyone in on his plan to expand the prison library. How? He'll just ask the kindly warden for funds. (Cue laughter.)

Scene 37

  • Andy talks to Norton about his idea, and the warden doesn't rush to pull out his pocketbook. He does, however, agree to mail any letters Andy wants to write to the state requesting the necessary funds. Now that's how you turn your prison warden into your own personal mailman.

Scene 38

  • What's that? It's been a while since we've had a montage, you say? All righty, let's have another…
  • Andy starts writing and mailing his letters, and gets no response. However, this guy's middle name is "persistence."
  • In the meantime, Andy does tax returns for the warden, as well as all the guards at Shawshank. They are disappointed to learn that "medical expenses incurred while bludgeoning someone with a club" is not a write-off.
  • Andy is also able to nab Red a job assisting him with his tax services. Beats the wood shop.

Scene 39

  • Ah…"The Day Brooks Loses It." Several of the guys rush into the library to find Brooks with a penknife to Heywood's throat. Where he got a knife, we have no idea. Resourceful guy.
  • Andy talks Brooks off the roof and gets him to put the knife down. The boys find out that the reason the old man went off is because his parole came through, and Brooks—who has gotten used to his sheltered prison life—knows the only way they'll let him stay is if he does something threatening. You have to appreciate the sick, twisted logic.

Scene 40

  • Red and the gang talk over the sitch in the prison yard. Red says he knows how Brooks feels; on the inside, he's somebody important, but on the outside he's nobody. Sounds like somebody could use a hug.

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