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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 46-50

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Scenes 46-50

Scenes 46-50

Scene 46

  • Andy joins his buddies in the mess hall after two weeks in The Hole. They all talk about music—and hope—for a bit. Not especially a "pushing the plot forward" type of scene.

Scene 47

  • Time for Red's 30-year review, and his bid for parole is rejected yet again. Turns out reading from almost the exact same script as he did at his 20-year doesn't do the trick.

Scene 48

  • Red reminisces (mostly unfondly) about his thirty years in the slammer, and Andy throws him a mini-celebration by gifting him with a harmonica. Based on his subdued reaction, you'd think Andy had given him a turd-in-a-box.

Scene 49

  • Later that night, Andy finds a present from Red as well—a Marilyn Monroe poster to add to his collection. After lights out, there's a tiny bit of harmonica music coming from Red's cell. Aw…he liked it after all. Single tear.

Scene 50

  • Another montage as the inmates work on expanding the library (after getting a more generous donation from the state thanks to Andy's continued pestering), and help Andy catalog the new books and magazines. They learn that there are few names more hilarious than "Dumas."
  • The finished library is gorgeous. Like, we'd totally hang out there. To study, we mean. Not…for something to do on the weekends, necessarily.
  • Norton gets some press time, and explains that he's instituting a new program that will have his inmates contributing to society by doing work outside the prison.
  • Admirable, if it weren't just a money-making scheme, whereby Norton gets pay-offs from various contractors to keep clear of their territory. We'd be disgusted by the guy if he wasn't so darn clever.
  • Actually, we are pretty disgusted.
  • Finally, we see Andy, keeping the warden's books. Which means that Mr. Dufresne is totally in the know about Norton's little misdemeanors.
  • Suppose there's no chance that could come back to bite the warden in the tush.

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