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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 51-55

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Scenes 51-55

Scenes 51-55

Scene 51

  • Down in the library, Andy lets Red in on the secret about the kickbacks the warden's been receiving, then explains how he's been laundering it so it doesn't seem like dirty money to any potentially prying eyes.
  • If anyone looks into the matter, they'll be led right to a Mr. Randall Stevens, who doesn't even exist.

Scene 52

  • Andy and Red continue their chat in the prison yard, until Shawshank receives its latest "recruit." Tommy Williams. Based on the sideburns, he's a big fan of either Elvis or General Ambrose Burnside.

Scene 53

  • In the mess hall, Tommy tells the guys what he did to get in there, and how he got caught. Everyone likes him instantly. He's a charmer, this one.

Scene 54

  • Upon finding out that Andy is more or less the Einstein of Shawshank, Tommy approaches him and asks if he can help him get his high school equivalency.
  • Appallingly, Andy doesn't refer him to Shmoop. For shame.

Scene 55

  • That montage music is kickin' in again…
  • We see Andy taking Tommy all the way from his ABC's to his equivalency exam. Once time is up, and before he even finds out his score, Tommy throws quite the hissy fit. We advise you not to follow his example on test day.

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