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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 56-60

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Scenes 56-60

Scenes 56-60

Scene 56

  • Tommy and Red are shooting the breeze in the library, when Red tells Tommy what Andy's in there for—shooting his wife and her lover, some golf pro. Tommy goes white as a sheet.
  • He proceeds to tell Red and Andy that, a few years ago, he did time with some guy who bragged about shooting a woman and her golf pro lover, and that it got pinned on "some hotshot banker." What's that sound? Are those the bells of freedom ringing in Andy's ears?

Scene 57

  • Andy sure seems to think so. He rushes to the warden and relays the story. Norton is being less than helpful, however. He doesn't really want to lose his tax guy (not to mention someone who has the dirt on him).
  • Then Andy does the unforgiveable. He calls Norton the O-word (obtuse). That—and the fact that he references the warden's shady dealings—lands him in The Hole for an entire month. Talk about giving a person some time to think about what they've done.

Scene 58

  • In the prison yard, Tommy gets his test results back. Red utters a certain four-letter word that seems to indicate the results are surprising. Kid musta passed.

Scene 59

  • The guard bringing food to Andy while he's in The Hole confirms as much. Andy does something that probably doesn't happen much in solitary—he smiles.

Scene 60

  • The warden requests a meeting with Tommy. Outside the prison walls, strangely enough.
  • After Tommy swears he'd testify for Andy in court, Norton signals to Captain Hadley in the tower, who shoots the kid a few times through the chest. Getting harder and harder to tell the criminals from those in charge, wouldn't you say?

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