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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 6-10

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Scenes 6-10

Scenes 6-10

Scene 6

  • The newbies get stripped naked, hosed down and deloused. Welcome to Shawshank.

Scene 7

  • The prisoners are forced to stroll naked and scared to their respective cells, as all the old-timers look on. You can't blame them for enjoying the show. This is basically their "Walking Dead."

Scene 8

  • Later that night, after lights-out, the old-timers start taunting the new inmates trying to get them to break. One finally does, and Heywood, one of Red's friends, celebrates the victory. Who needs fantasy football when you've got the "Crying Newbie Pool"?
  • We find out pretty quickly that they are not messing around in this place. The new guy who lost it ends up getting pulled out of his cell and beaten to a pulp by Captain Hadley. Hm…maybe it's some sort of hazing ritual.

Scene 9

  • It's Andy's first morning at Shawshank, and the prisoners are let out of their cells. Red glances over at Andy, and appears to be interested in him. Probably some sort of prison thing.

Scene 10

  • It's breakfast time, and we can see why the prison cafeteria is referred to as a mess hall. This place is a sty.
  • Andy finds a maggot in his food. Lovely. Then an older gentleman, named Brooks, asks if he can have it. Turns out it's for his pet crow. Phew.
  • Heywood sits down at the table to gloat and collect his winnings. However, his mood sours a tad when he finds out that the newbie ended up dead from Hadley's beating. News like that will sap all the joy out of eating your slop.

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