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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 61-65

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Scenes 61-65

Scenes 61-65

Scene 61

  • The warden visits Andy after his month is up, and Andy swears he's done helping to run his scams. Not the answer Norton was hoping for. He gives Andy another month in The Hole to think about it. Oh, goody, more alone time.

Scene 62

  • Sometime later, after Andy gets out of The Hole, he talks to Red in the prison yard. He tells Red about a place in Mexico called Zihuatanejo. (God bless you.) He then makes Red promise that, if he ever gets out, he'll go to a hayfield near Buxton and dig up a big rock, and take what's buried beneath it. When Red asks what's there, Andy tells him he'll have to pry it up to see.

Scene 63

  • At lunch, the boys discuss how Andy's been acting funny lately, and they worry he's having Brooks-like thoughts. Andy even got a length of rope from Heywood for some undisclosed reason.
  • You can tell Red's thinking about that conversation he had in the yard. He's worried, too.

Scene 64

  • In the warden's office, a subdued Andy's back at work, aiding the warden with his nefarious practices (that second month in The Hole must have worked wonders).
  • Norton tells Andy to get his stuff down to laundry and requests a shoeshine. Following orders, Andy shines 'em until they're "lookin' like mirrors."

Scene 65

  • Andy gets walked back to his cell and pulls that rope out from under his pillow.
  • Meanwhile, back in his own cell, Red's worrying up a storm.
  • So are we. Even those of us who've seen it 27 times.

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