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The Shawshank Redemption Scenes 76-80

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Scenes 76-80

Scenes 76-80

Scene 76

  • Hey, why not one last montage for the road?
  • Andy's driving down a road along the Pacific…the guys talk and laugh about all their hilarious Andy stories…Red works in a field, lonelier than ever. Looks like Andy got a happy ending…where's Red's?

Scene 77

  • At Red's 40-year-review, he decides to flip the script a bit. Instead of playing the sweet, kind, repentant soul as in the past, he tells it all like it is.
  • The members of the panel seem to appreciate his directness, because Red finally makes parole. Wait…all it takes is being rude and uttering a little vulgarity to get you out of prison? Who knew?

Scene 78

  • We lied. One more montage.
  • Red walks out of Shawshank, a free man. He gets put into the same apartment Brooks had when they let him out. Not the greatest omen.
  • Red considers committing a crime to get himself thrown back in Shawshank; the only thing stopping him is that promise he made to Andy.

Scene 79

  • Out in that hayfield Andy told him about, Red tracks down the rock, digs it up, and unearths a letter from Andy (along with a bit of cash). He asks Red to join him in Zihuatanejo. Hm…bagging groceries in a small town or chillin' in a beautiful city by the Pacific? Twist his arm.

Scene 80

  • Red tells us he committed the second crime of his life, skipping out on his parole and buying a bus ticket to the Texas border. He makes his way to Zihuatanejo.
  • He walks along the beach and there's Andy, working on his boat. The two come together and hug it out.
  • Isn't it bromantic?

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