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The Silence of the Lambs Production Design

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Production Design

Mysteries of Pittsburgh

A film with subject matter as dark and gritty as The Silence of the Lambs appropriately receives a dark and gritty film treatment, shot in the deepest darkest locales of Pittsburgh, including a state hospital and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (because bugs). Many of the eerie interiors were shot in an abandoned warehouse chosen to make it seem as if it were the very "bowels of hell". Maybe some nice new curtains would freshen the place up. The morgue scenes are also a nice touch.

The climactic scene of Clarice and Bill in his house is shot completely in the dark, with Bill's POV from night-vision goggles. This is truly a descent into those hellish bowels. The last scene is really the only one shot in bright sunlight—ironically so, as Dr. Lecter, strolling towards the beach in a dapper light tropical suit and straw fedora, follows the unsuspecting Dr. Chilton towards what we just know will be his gleefully gruesome demise.

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