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The Silence of the Lambs Minor Characters

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Minor Characters

There are a few other little lambs who flesh out Starling's journey.


A nurse at the state hospital, Barney's the one nice person there, putting a chair out for Clarice and giving her a brief pep talk, "I'll be watching. You'll do fine."

Benjamin Raspail

Raspail, or at least what's left of him, is the head found in the storage unit. Lecter says Raspail was "a fledging killer's first effort at transformation," and it's one clue closer toward Buffalo Bill's identity.

"Multiple" Miggs

He's Lecter's cell neighbor who taunts Clarice and assaults her with a certain body fluid (and There's Something About Mary hadn't even been made yet!). Lecter convinces Miggs to kill himself that night, demonstrating a fatherly protection over Clarice.

Roden and Pilcher

These two work at the museum. When they're not playing chess with beetles, they're helping Clarice decipher the species of the death's-head moth cocoon. Maybe Clarice does take up Pilcher's offer for "cheeseburgers and beer" because both show up at Clarice's graduation, and Roden even poses for a picture with Clarice's friend and roommate, Ardelia.

Is there a Silence of the Lambs-themed double wedding in their future?

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