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Singin' in the Rain Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

"Major Studio Disaster Tonight"

  • We're back at Monumental Pictures in the sound booth with Dexter the director.
  • On set, Don and Lina are shooting a scene from The Dueling Cavalier, which, if you'll recall, is now going to be a talkie.
  • It looks good, except we can't hear Lina.
  • Dexter reminds Lina that there's a microphone hidden in a nearby bush, and that she needs to talk toward it. He's super-stressed and looks like he's about to lose it.
  • On the next take, Lina keeps dramatically swinging her head from side to side as she speaks, so the microphone misses every other word or so.
  • Dexter has a microphone sewn directly into the front of Lina's dress. He's even more visibly stressed as he explains to Lina how it works.
  • The microphone picks up Lina's heartbeat instead of her voice. Oops.
  • Dexter has a microphone sewn into the shoulder of her dress. Once again, he explains to her how it works.
  • R.F. enters and almost trips on a wire. He says it's not safe, and angrily yanks on it. Turns out it's the wire for Lina's microphone and she topples over. Dexter looks like he's going to burst a blood vessel.
  • Cut to the exterior of a movie theater on a rainy night. The signage advertises a "Major Studio Preview Tonight."
  • Kathy, Don, and Cosmo meet out front. Cosmo wisely advises Don and Kathy not to enter the theater together. Lina's probably waiting to ambush them.
  • The screening is of The Dueling Cavalier, and whoo boy, is it a hot mess.
  • The microphone picks up Lina's pearls and makes them sound like a thunderstorm. Don's pants make loud, rubbery noises. The audience cackles at Lina's terrible pronunciations. And then the picture and sound go hilariously out of sync. It's a downright disaster.
  • The audience practically dies from laughter. Some people walk out.
  • Afterward, out in the lobby, R.F., Dexter, Don, Cosmo, and Lina discuss the screening. Audience members stream by: some mock the movie, others straight-up diss it.
  • The men all agree: They're in a whole lot of trouble. The movie has to come out in six weeks, no matter what. Meanwhile, Lina thinks it was great. Oh, Lina.

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