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Singin' in the Rain Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

Lina Lamont's Last Stand

  • Kathy and Don are back in the sound booth. Kathy's dubbing over Lina's spoken audio.
  • Get this: In this scene, Debbie Reynolds (Kathy) is actually lip-syncing to Jean Hagen's (Lina) real speaking voice (source).
  • Don says he's going to tell everybody it's Kathy talking and singing in the movie, not Lina.
  • Kathy's afraid that Don's fans will be disappointed. He doesn't care what they'll think. He only cares what Kathy thinks. Also, he loves her. Aw, shucks.
  • Just as they start smooching it up, Lina storms in with Zelda. Zelda ratted them out.
  • Lina doesn't want Kathy to dub her voice, and she really doesn't want Kathy and Don to be a couple. She still insists that, since the media thinks she and Don are an item, they should be together.
  • Don says he intends to marry Kathy, and Lina basically calls Kathy a promiscuous opportunist. Ouch. Then Lina says she's going straight to R.F.
  • Cosmo tells Lina she's too late; the movie's already in the can. Don tells Lina that, oh, BT-dubs, Kathy's going to get full screen credit.
  • Lina's horrified at the thought that it'll say on-screen that she doesn't do her own talking or singing.
  • Don and Cosmo tell Lina to cool her jets; there's a whole publicity campaign in motion. Lina's indignant. They can't make a fool out of her. She makes "more money than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!" Um, Lina, honey?
  • She storms out.
  • Cut to another headline. This time it's from Dora Bailey's Daily Interview. It reads: "Lina Greatest Singing and Dancing Star, Simpson Says." R.F. said what now?!
  • Cut to R.F.'s office. He tells Rod he never said that and had absolutely nothing to do with it. Also, what should they do about it?
  • For a guy who's supposed to be in charge, R.F. sure isn't very authoritative.
  • What should they do about it? Nothing, says Lina, as she saunters in, an evil vision in pink. She tells R.F. that she gave an exclusive story to every paper in town. Sorry, R.F., ya burnt.
  • Also, according to her contract, Lina's in charge of her publicity and has final say. In other words, if they don't take Kathy's credit off The Dancing Cavalier, Lina will sue. Ruh roh.
  • R.F. tells Rod to remove Kathy's name and asks Lina if she's satisfied. Nope. She wants Kathy to continue being her speaking and singing voice, pretty much forever, and she wants that to be Kathy's only job.
  • R.F. says that would ruin Kathy's career, and tells Lina she's nuts. Lina doesn't care; she's a huge star. Lina's hardcore, y'all.

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