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Singin' in the Rain Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

A Confession, and a Fan the Size of a Volkswagen

  • Don and Kathy are strolling around the studio lot. Kathy lets it slip that she was lying when they first met: not only does she know all about Don's career, she—gasp!—reads the fan magazines she was ridiculing. Four or five a month, in fact.
  • She and Don laugh it up.
  • While she's on an honesty roll, Kathy also admits to saying some pretty awful stuff the first night they met.
  • Don says he deserved it, but admits that it did bother him. And he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since. Smooth, Don. Real smooth.
  • Don says he wants to tell Kathy something, but he can't do it without the proper setting because he's such a ham. How, um, romantic?
  • Conveniently, they're standing right next to a giant abandoned soundstage. Don brings her inside and sets the scene.
  • He fires up some moonlit mist (read: a fog machine), 5000 KW of stardust, a soft summer breeze (a.k.a., a fan the size of a Volkswagen), etc.
  • He nudges Kathy up a ladder and calls it a balcony. Now he's finally ready to talk.
  • Except he doesn't talk, he sings a love song called "You Were Meant for Me."
  • "You Were Meant for Me" previously appeared in not one, but two movies, both from 1929: The Broadway Melody and Hollywood Revue of 1929 (source).
  • The gist of the song is—get this—Don thinks Kathy was meant for him. Then they dance. Kathy looks pensive. And a more than a little bit enchanted.

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