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Singin' in the Rain Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

God Bless You, Phoebe Dinsmore

  • Time for another quick look at Variety headlines. We get a pair: "Hollywood Learns to talk" and "Big Bonanza for Diction Coaches."
  • Then we're inside the office of diction coach Phoebe Dinsmore. She's working with Lina. God bless you, Ms. Dinsmore.
  • Things are not going well. Lina struggles with her one practice line, "And I can't stand him."
  • Dinsmore tries to get Lina to employ warm, round tones. Lina tries, but still sounds like an armadillo stubbing its toe.
  • Cut away to Don: He's also working with a diction coach, and he's killing it.
  • Cosmo shows up just as the nerdy coach is giving Don some tongue twisters. Cosmo pulls faces behind the stuffy coach's back as he speaks.
  • Then Cosmo and Don take the coach's last tongue twister—"Moses supposes his toeses are roses…"—and turn it into a rollicking, silly song and dance number called, what else, "Moses Supposes." We don't think they're taking Don's vocal education very seriously.
  • "Moses Supposes" is the second of the two, and only two, original songs in Singin' in the Rain.
  • The number culminates in Don and Cosmo covering the diction coach in assorted furniture, knickknacks, and garbage from his office.
  • Just to be clear: Shmoop does not advocate the practice of tossing garbage on your teacher, no matter how fun it looks.

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