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Sixteen Candles The Auto Shop

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The Auto Shop

Jiffy Lube

Oil change places can service your car in half an hour or less. John Hughes can change your perception of two characters even faster in the movie's pivotal scene, which takes place in the school's auto shop.

RANDY: I hope you get a car for your birthday, and a license.

A half-disassembled car stranded in the middle of her high school is not what Randy hoped Sam would get. But this under-construction vehicle turns out to be a lot more beneficial for Sam than she could have ever wished for.

Sam and the Geek sit in the junker car and reveal secrets to each other. Sam feels like her whole life is falling apart, just like the car she's parked her butt in. And the Geek helps put things back together by letting her know that Jake is interested in her. This kid either needs to get a job as a therapist or as an automobile technician.

Hey, guys can be car geeks, too.

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