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Sixteen Candles The Sex Test

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The Sex Test

Do It to It

Before Buzzfeed quizzes, people wrote a bunch of personal questions on notebook paper and passed it to you in class. The sex test, on which Sam writes that she would do it with Jake Ryan if she could, is definitely a product of the time.

It's interesting that one of the film's biggest plot points—Sam revealing her crush and Jake finding out about it—happens non-verbally. In fact, Jake and Sam never say they like each other to each other until the movie's final scene. But will Jake ever tell Sam that he read her note? It's the last thing she ever wished would happen.

SAM: God, I hope whoever got that note doesn't know it was me who wrote it. I'd s*** twice and die.

That would make for a really awkward birthday dinner if he revealed the secret after kissing her at the movie's finale. To be fair, Jake would never have pursued Sam if he hadn't read her note.

With that in mind, how do you think she'd react if Jake did tell her? Would she be okay with it? Check yes or no and pass this piece of paper back us next class.

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