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Sixteen Candles Fandoms

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Not Another Teen Movie

If you were to do a Google search for teen movies, you'd find Jawbreaker (1999), American Pie (1999), and The Breakfast Club (1985), among others. What do all these films have in common?

No, not a weird fixation with food—they all come after Sixteen Candles.

The Film School Rejects blog celebrates Sixteen Candles as one of Hughes' weirdest outings. And in Kevin Smith's book, he called Hughes "the filmmaker I most related to." (Source)

While the film has come under criticism for being both racist and sexist, Sixteen Candles still holds a place in the canon for redefining the teen movie genre.

It's been a beloved favorite ever since, spawning numerous "Where are they now?" articles on the film's 30th anniversary. (Source)

But we can't put that many candles on a cake, you old fogeys. That would be a fire hazard.

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