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Sixteen Candles The Baker Family ()

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The Baker Family ()

Bakers' Half Dozen

Sam's family is huge. She has a mother, a father, an older sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister named Sara who has only one line.

And everyone in her family seems to be a total jerk because they all forget her birthday. But seriously, why is Sam's sister, Ginny, getting married the day after her sister's birthday anyway? Couldn't they have planned this better?

Ginny is your typical bridezilla, obsessed with herself, even when Sam asks her for advice:

GINNY: I think you're jealous that I'm getting married and that I'm getting all the attention.

Charming. Plus, she gets hopped up on pain killers during her own wedding, stumbling down the aisle, slurring her vows, and taking her dress off in the churchyard. It seems John Hughes finds impaired women to be hilarious. (See: Caroline.)

Younger brother Mike is your typical younger brother, making snide remarks, period jokes, and calling his mother by her first name.

Speaking of Mom—Mom is too busy to pack Sam a lunch, which consists of carrots—and only carrots—before school:

MRS. BAKER: I'm sorry, you'll have to buy lunch today, I didn't have time to fix your carrots.

Not only does she forget her own daughter's birthday, but she can't put carrots in a baggie. Did she have to grow them first?

Even though younger sister Sara has only one line, it's a line that implies the only person who would ever marry Sam is Mr. T. She's a brat, too—marrying Mr. T. would be an honor.

Dad's the most sympathetic of the bunch. He's the first to apologize to Sam for forgetting her birthday and giving her some sweet bits of dadvice:

DAD: If this guy can't see in you all the beautiful and wonderful things that I see, then he's the problem.

Aww, Dad! At the very end of the movie, Sam's asked out by Jake. She mouths"This is the boy!" and Dad gives her a thumbs up. He's very encouraging.

For comic relief, we have two sets of grandparents. Grandpa Howard and Grandma Dorothy are first seen when Sam walks in on them in their underwear. They're here to embarrass Sam, like when they accuse Jake of being a prank caller when he telephones for Sam. They're also responsible for bringing the Donger into this world.

Finally we have Grandpa Fred and Grandma Helen. They tell bad knock-knock jokes and embarrass Sam as well, this time when Grandma feels up her chest. Grandma also smokes a lot and considers opening a box of donuts to be making breakfast. (Hey, we never say no to donuts.)

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