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Sixteen Candles The Riesczecks ()

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The Riesczecks ()

Chex Mix

Often mispronounced "Rice Chex" the Riesczecks aren't a cereal that instantly gets soggy in milk, they're the family that Ginny is about to marry into. Rudy Riesczeck is Ginny's fiancé, an "oily variety bohunk." We're not even sure what a bohunk is, but they seem to come in different varieties—dry, normal, and oily, we assume. Always but the right shampoo for your hair, and for the bohunk in your life.

We see the Riesczeck family in one pointless dinner scene with Sam's parents. They're crass and a little rude, so they'll fit right in with the Bakers, a family who's crass and rude yet doesn't seem to realize they are, too.

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