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Sixteen Candles Lust

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SAM: I had to name who I'd do it with if I ever did it.

These people don't only want to do it all the time, they want to know if other people are doing it and who they're doing it with. No, we're not talking about doing the Dew.

LONG DUK DONG: What's happening, hot stuff?

In case his racist name didn't tip you, pretty much everything Long Duk Dong says is a sexual innuendo.

RANDY: I don't think it's too healthy to get all jacked up about some guy that isn't even a thing yet.

We call Randy the voice of reason for, well, a reason. Here she reminds Sam that just because Jake makes her hot under the collar, doesn't mean she needs to lose her mind over him. It's important to keep a level head.

THE GEEK: Very hot, very hot. Tonight, tonight is happening. I'm blowing your mind aren't I?

The Geek thinks that his dancing will turn on another human being. He's wrong. His dancing is not appealing to any species.

LONG DUK DONG: I bet all the boys chase you plenty in the school, huh?

MARLENE: Nobody's caught me yet.

LONG DUK DONG: I bet you big teaser.

MARLENE: No, I can run the 40 in five flat.


Again, Dong makes sexual innuendos. He's so amped up at having his face in Marlene's chest, that this one doesn't make sense…because she's quite ample bosomed.

THE GEEK: She has smallish tits, decent voice, smells pretty good. She drives me crazy.

Notice the Geek doesn't say anything about Sam's personality or her intelligence. It's only looks he's after, driven into a hormonal rage by her scent!

SAM: I mean that it's okay you did it once, I didn't mean for you to do it again!

The Geek forces himself on Sam not once, but twice. He's willing to take practically any response, even no response, has a "yes."

LONG DUK DONG: I've never been so happy in my whole life.

MARLENE: You maniac.

LONG DUK DONG: Now I have a place to put my hand.

There's a fine line between love and lust, but in Dong's case, these two are in different time zones. He's only in this for the sex and excitement.

LONG DUK DONG: Oh…no more yanky my wanky. The Donger need food!

Grandma kicks him after this, and we would too, tired of him only speaking in sexual innuendos for the whole movie.

GEEK: Excuse me, but did…um…do you know if I enjoyed it. Am I nuts, of course I enjoyed it. I mean, um, what I meant was, uh…did you?

CAROLINE: Hmmm. You know, I have this weird feeling I did.

The date rape scene at the end of the movie is problematically written off as innocent teenage lust. The 80's were definitely a different time. That's 1980's, by the way, not 1880's.

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