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Sixteen Candles Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • We open with an alarm going off in a suburban home and a family scrambling to get ready for the day.
  • You'd be forgiven if you confused this for another John Hughes film: Home Alone. But Joe Pesci's nowhere in sight.
  • Instead, we have a teenage girl getting ready for school.
  • In her room, redheaded Sam looks in the mirror and wonders why she hasn't miraculously blossomed on her sixteenth birthday.
  • It hasn't happened.
  • When it's time for school, the family scrambles out the door.
  • Dad, who's stressed that his oldest daughter will be married soon, gives Sam advice for when she gets married: "elope."
  • Sam's bratty younger brother (is there any other kind?) comments, "Who would marry her?"
  • And her equally bratty younger sister says, "Mr. T." Hey, we pity the fool who wouldn't want to be Mrs. T.
  • All Mom has to say is that she didn't have time to pack Sam's carrots today. What, does she have to grow them?
  • Sam leaves for school, upset that her whole family "f*cking forgot" her birthday.

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