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Sixteen Candles Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Upstairs, Jake tries to call Sam's house, but her grandparents keep answering. They think Jake's an obscene phone caller.
  • His girlfriend, Caroline, goes to the bedroom door and asks why he doesn't love her anymore.
  • "Leave me alone," he says, and slams the door, trapping her hair in it.
  • She's too drunk to really care that she's stuck sitting in the hallway with her hair in the doorjamb.
  • But her friends are even more intoxicated, and they refuse to help her.
  • Jake calls for a third time, and finally gets up the nerve to ask if Samantha is home. They hang up on him.
  • In the hall, Caroline's friend uses the biggest scissors we've ever seen outside a ribbon-cutting ceremony to hack a chunk of her hair off and free her from the door. Maybe she'll donate the hair to Locks of Love.

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