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Sixteen Candles Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • It's the morning of Sam's sister's wedding.
  • Mom apologizes for forgetting Sam's birthday, and she forgives her.
  • She must have gotten a really good night's sleep on that couch, because she should not be this cheery so early in the morning.
  • Sam calls Randy on the phone, who says her little brother paid a buck to see Sam's underwear. With inflation, that's $2.88 in 2015 money, which is basically what one pair of Hanes costs today.
  • The family gets in the car to head to the wedding, but they're alarmed to find Long Duk Dong passed out on the yard, drunk, and peed on by a dog.
  • Grandpa wants to know where his car is.
  • It seems Dong crashed it into a lake.
  • Grandma kicks him. With a foot like that, she should be a kicker for the Bears.

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