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Sixteen Candles Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • At the wedding, Ginny is having the heaviest flow day ever. She took a muscle relaxer to help with her period, and now she can barely stand.
  • Hopped up on pills, Ginny staggers down the aisle as the wedding march plays.
  • In the parking lot, Caroline is now in love with Ted because he slept with her while she was blacked out and she woke up in his arms. True love!
  • Jake pulls up in his car to talk to Caroline.
  • She apologizes for throwing the party and trashing his parents' house, which is the most mature thing anyone in this movie has done.
  • The wedding lets out, and Ginny hops around like a pigeon trying to catch rice in her mouth.
  • Sam rushes back into the church to retrieve Ginny's veil.
  • We don't think she'll miss it, because she takes off her slip in the churchyard.

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