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Sixteen Candles Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Cue 80's montage of teens at school—ripped jeans, buttons on jackets, chunky plastic bracelets.
  • At her locker, Sam's friend Randy assures her that her family didn't really forget her birthday. They're just pre-occupied with the upcoming wedding.
  • Frizzy-haired Randy suggests Sam remind her parents and then use the guilt to her advantage.
  • In study hall, Sam fills out an anonymous sex survey on a piece of notebook paper.
  • She says she would "do it" with Jake Ryan, and she passes it to her friend.
  • Of course, Randy misses the note entirely because she's doing what every smart student does during a free period: sleep.
  • Jake Ryan picks up the note. Scandal.
  • Sam says if anyone finds out she wrote that note, she'd "s*** twice and die." Better stock up on Ex-Lax, Sam.

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