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Sixteen Candles Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Sam takes the bus home.
  • When she, a boy, and a girl in headgear are the last three people on the bus, the boy sits down next to Sam.
  • Hasn't she seen Forrest Gump? She should just tell him "seat's taken."
  • The Geek attempts to ask her out, and she blows him off.
  • At home, Sam accidentally walks in on her grandparents in their underwear as the Twilight Zone theme plays. Hey at least they have their underwear on.
  • Sam tries to get her grandparents to wish her happy birthday.
  • Nope. They don't. They forgot too.
  • On the way to her room, Sam bumps into her other grandparents. This place is a full house.
  • Grandma comments how perky Samantha's "boobies" are and she cops a feel. No grandma. Just no.

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