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Sixteen Candles Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Jake pulls the Geek aside and grills him on what he knows about Sam.
  • Not much. But the Geek thinks that Sam will go home from the dance with him. Yeah right, kid.
  • Sam, crying in the hall, overhears that Jake's girlfriend wants to go to Jake's house after the dance. That news upsets her more.
  • For comic relief, cue Joan Cusack trying to drink from a water fountain without her headgear getting in the way.
  • Back in the gym, the Geek continues making the moves on Sam.
  • At this point, we learn that the Geek's name's Ted, but no one calls him that, so we'll keep calling him the Geek.
  • She leaves and the Geek eventually finds her in a half-dismantled car in the school's auto shop.
  • She tells the Geek that it's her birthday.
  • He sings for her, and she tells him to can it.
  • The Geek offers to tell her a secret to help her feel better.
  • Are you ready? Here goes.
  • "I've never bagged a babe. I'm not a stud."
  • Yeah, no need for a spoiler alert on that one.
  • Sam laughs, but that doesn't deter the Geek. A nuclear missile wouldn't deter the Geek. He tries to climb on top her, and she pushes him off.
  • He apologies, and she says it's okay.
  • So he tries it again. And she pushes him off. Again.
  • He says he puts on this whole stud act so his friends won't think he's a loser.
  • After the Geek asks Sam if he can sleep with her, she says she's saving himself for Jake Ryan.
  • The Geek says Jake is "his boy" (not true) and that Jake asked him about her. Okay, that part is true.
  • Sam's elated that Jake totally knows she exists.
  • To pay him back for this news, Sam agrees to give the Geek her panties so she can win his bet. How generous.

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