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Sixteen Candles Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Long Duk Dong and his new girlfriend—he moves fast—drive Sam home. He drives fast, too.
  • Meanwhile, Sam's parents are having dinner with the new in-laws.
  • The mother-in-law-to-be seems to have taken her makeup tips from Tammy Faye and the fiancé seems like a jerk. Why is she marrying this guy?
  • At Jake's house, Jake's angry that his girlfriend's throwing a major rager at his parents' house. The toilet paper hanging from the trees is not décor they would approve of.
  • Jake leaves the bash and flips through his yearbook, looking for Sam.
  • Outside, the Geek and her friends show up at the party. The friends worry they'll be beat up for trying to enter a senior party.
  • "We got $70 and we got a pair of girl's underpants," says the Geek. That's a steep cover fee for a low-rent frat party.
  • Long Duk Dong, who seems to have replaced the doorbell with a gong noise already, lets them in.
  • The nerd herd enters, and instantly knocks over a tower of beer cans being built by some burly dudes. Don't invite them to a Jenga tournament.

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