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Skyfall Bond's Physical Strength

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Bond's Physical Strength

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Bond is known for gadgets, girls, and grip. Seriously, at the beginning of Skyfall, he jumps off a bridge and hangs onto the edge of a moving train. We can't even hold our coffee cup straight to keep it from spilling.

But after Bond is shot, falls about a thousand feet into the water below, and almost dies, he loses some of that superhuman strength. That kind of damage would take anyone a while to recover from, but Bond isn't the young chicken he used to be. M must fudge the results of Bond's physical eval to get him back in the field, and the results show.

Later, we see Bond barely hang on to a rising elevator. And then when he dangles Patrice off a building to scare him into saying who he works for, Bond is too weak to hang on to him. It's the movie's way of showing us that Bond isn't ready to be in the field yet, without needing to constantly remind us.

Another thing the movie shows us is Bond's physical improvement. When chasing Silva, both Bond and the baddie slide down the banister of an escalator. Silva falls, but Bond gains ground after a better dismount. Also, we see Bond's marksmanship improve when practicing with his father's rifle at Skyfall.

You'd think after so much exhausting work, Bond would get even worse as he gets tired. But the adrenaline of the pursuit appears to make him even stronger. Maybe he is superhuman, after all.

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