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Skyfall M's Ugly Dog Statue

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M's Ugly Dog Statue

A Load of Bulldog

For aspiring spymaster in your life, you can purchase a replica of M's grumpy bulldog draped in the Union Jack. It's cuter than a bust of Winston Churchill—who kind of looks like a bulldog—but not by much.

This little statue might be the film's ultimate symbol. We see it three times—on M's desk when she writes Bond's obituary, on her new desk in the London Underground after MI6 blows up, and in a box delivered to Bond after M's death.

After the explosion, Bond can't believe the thing survives. He quips to M, "The whole office goes up in smoke and that bloody thing survives."

In case you can't tell, a bulldog that looks like Winston Churchill wrapped in the Union Jack is symbol that screams ENGLAND. MI6 blows up, but the dog—and by extension England itself—survives. M dies, but the dog survives. She gifts it to Bond because she knows that England's survival depends not on her, but on her agents, like Bond. The country, just like the little dog, is now and has always been his duty.

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