Bond fans have more books, short stories, and films at their disposal than Bond himself has gadgets. Ian Fleming, creator of 007, wrote twelve novels and two collections of short stories, but after Fleming's death, other authors continued writing Bond's adventures with the blessing of his estate.

Eon Productions has made twenty-four Bond films (and counting), and there are even two non-Eon produced films. The first book was published in 1958, and Skyfall marked the 50th anniversary of the films in 2012. It might seem like Bond himself is getting gray and long in the tooth, but new writers, directors, and actors are always stepping in to keep Bond fresh.

But all that doesn't stop fans from doing their own thing to get into the world of Bond. Generic "spy tuxedo" costumes are heavily inspired by Bond's well-tailored look. Those looking to tell their livers "You only live twice" can work their way through every alcoholic drink inspired by Bond. And for fans with a lot of time and not enough boundaries, there are James Bond/Harry Potter fanfiction crossovers.

Does Bond still need gadgets if he has magic on his side?

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