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Skyfall Production Design

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Production Design

Bond films are huge productions, and ARRI Group—a supplier of high-quality film equipment—called Skyfall the "biggest Bond yet."

Roger Deacons deserves a lot of the credit for keeping the film from going rogue. As the chief cinematographer, Deacons was in charge of everything. In his commentary, director Sam Mendes talks about how 1/3rd of the film's entire production time went into the first eleven minutes. Deacons had to time the crazy chase sequences, which were shot over two weeks, in order to make the weather as consistent as possible. Through the magic of movies, it looks like Bond does it all on one sunny Istanbul afternoon.

To continue ruining the magic for you, Mendes gives a shout-out to Andy Lister, Daniel Craig's stunt double. Although Craig does some of his own stunts, Lister does the super dangerous stuff, like almost anything to do with the excavator in the opening sequence (source).

As if all that weren't enough, Mendes also brought in an honest-to-goodness martini specialist to mix the one drink Bond has at the Macau casino. The "cocktail consultant" served a Skyfall martini at the film's premiere. The $50 cocktail will leave you shaken and stirred—and your wallet empty.

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