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Skyfall Kincaid (Albert Finney)

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Kincaid (Albert Finney)

Golden Oldie

Kincaid is the groundskeeper at Skyfall estate, the only person still there after the death of Bond's parents long ago. He's little more than an informational character, explaining to us what is going on at Skyfall manor.

KINCAID: They've sold the place when they thought you were dead. It seems they were wrong. […] There's just your father's old hunting rifle. We couldn't let that go.

He also gives M a bit of insight into Bond's childhood.

KINCAID: The night I told him his parents had died, he hid in here for two days. When he did come out...he wasn't a boy anymore.

Kincaid also helps rig Skyfall with explosives, just like a 90-year-old Kevin McAllister.

The old coot might even have eyes for M, if he can see through his cataracts, but sadly he doesn't get a chance to ask the old dame out on a date. After M dies, Kincaid lowers his hat in respect, but we don't see him again. Maybe he's still in the chapel, in mourning. With Skyfall blown to bits, where else can he go??

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