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Skyfall Q (Ben Whishaw)

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Q (Ben Whishaw)

Q and A

Q is for Quartermaster, the man in charge of giving Bond all his high-tech gadgets. In the past, Bond has been given an exploding pen, an invisible car, a gun that blows up sharks, and a boat in the shape of an iceberg.

In this one, he gets a radio and a gun.

Q sees Bond's job as an old-fashioned one, driven by brute force, not brains. It's an arrogant position for him to take, but it's one that isn't exactly untrue. Q gives Bond a gun to get himself into trouble and a radio to get himself out of it. He keeps the high-tech stuff—security systems and tools to hack into others' security systems—to himself.

Bond used to be an army of one, saving the world single-handedly. But as he gets older and the world gets more complicated, he must reluctantly accept the teamwork of those younger than him.

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